Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A good laugh...

If you need a good laugh on this rainy HERE to view! This website is guaranteed to make you chuckle. Maybe even make you appreciate how 'normal' your family just might be. I could spend hours looking at this little treasure trove of strangeness...enjoy!!!! Here's a sneak peak....And if that fine photo didn't intrigue you...hopefully this will...
Who does that?!?!?!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thinking about Christmas...already?

I'm not one of those who generally celebrates any aspect of Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. (Though I do celebrate Christ year round) No Christmas music, no Christmas decorating...none of that...until after the turkey and dressing have been eaten. Much to my surprise I've found myself already contemplating Christmas decorating this year. I've totally gotten into this holiday decorating thing. Our house will be totally decked out for Thanksgiving thanks to TJMAXX and Ross (we've volunteered to host about 30 family members for Thanksgiving dinner this year...we may regret this...I'll let you know Nov. 27th!) So on October 1st I hung my "Happy Halloween" candy corn on the front door with a big goofy smile on my face. Cory just laughs at me! I already had a fall "spray" hanging on the front door....but I re-located it to the kitchen wall for the month of October so I can proudly display my Halloween decor!!! Back to Christmas....Cory and I already have tons of ornaments, nativity scenes, Christmas bows (I've made solely for tree toppers...only two at this point...hey...a girl needs options). We really need nothing for Christmas decorating other than a fresh Christmas tree to help celebrate the birth of Christ. hit me the other day while I was getting ready for work...what if I incorporate the theme of our wedding (peacocks/peacock feathers) into our Christmas decorating!!! Then it hit me...WHY am I already thinking about Christmas!??!?! This is so unlike me! I think this could be really fun and unique. A Christmas tree....with peacock feathers and some fresh garland on the mantle...with a few peacock feathers!! Click here to see a photo of some other genius' Christmas tree. I'm sure some of you are cringing at the thought of not using red and green....and that's OK. I'm totally pumped about it!!! We have tons of left over peacock feathers from wedding no money spent there. Now if we can get through the pumpkins and turkey...Happy Birthday Jesus...bring out the peacock feathers!