Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still no pics :(

Well...I made sure to do my best to take the camera on our adventures this past weekend (though I forgot it on Sunday). I got some fun shots...but have yet to upload them. So...hopefully later today I can blog about my fun and busy weekend...AND post some fun pics! Cory and I spent some of the evening yesterday on the jet ski on Lake Lanier!!! It was an awesome way to unwind after a day at work!

Friday, June 26, 2009


I have to admit...I can't believe Michael Jackson is dead. I'm a lil sad. I acknowledge we haven't heard much from him in years but I find myself remembering growing up watching his music videos, listening to my MJ tapes and dancing in my room. Sure he had some issues...but what an icon "the King of Pop"!!! Cory and I were discussing this morning how the story of MJ's death will be one of the biggest stories of this decade for sure. I was glued to the TV last night...why...I have no clue. Kind of like when Princess Diana passed away...I watched the entire funeral and wept. Of course we've never met these celebrities...but somehow after seeing them so often on tv and their faces on magazine covers almost every trip to the grocery store with your mom during your childhood... somehow they become a tiny part of your life. Mom called last night and ask me if I remember where I was when I saw the Thriller video. I though sure...we were at home...in the den....wrong...she reminded me of our family vacation to Disneyworld the year that video came out and we went to some theater at Disney and saw "Thriller" in 3D. It scared me silly...I cried so bad that dad had to take me outside!!!!! I had totally forgotten about that! Though Thriller was a really cool music video...the Black or White video was my absolute favorite of all time!

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello Blogosphere!!!!

First of all...I'd like to thank my bestest bud, Meesh...for talking me into entering the blogosphere. I still don't think anyone would really want to read what random ramblings I'll likely post...but Meesh says I'll be surprised...so...here goes nothing! I really wanted my first blog to be profound...but seriously...have you met me?!? Not many profound thoughts flowing from this brain lately! And if you haven't met me...FYI...more sarcastic thoughts than profound thoughts will ever flow from this brain.

On to a little insight into the Blackmon's in Flowery Branch: A fun night of not doing what we planned to do. So as I walk out the of my office yesterday heading home (thank you GOD)...I mentioned to Cory potentially going to the Gwinnett Braves game to which he replied he'd really like to go for a bike ride (We both have road bikes but don't ride them nearly enough. Cory has decided to do his second sprint triathlon so bike riding is quickly becoming a priority...again) I agreed...a bike ride sounds like a much better alternative than going to a baseball game, eating unhealthy food and being in no way productive...all evening. After getting home I insist that there's no way I'm riding in the sweltering 97 degree GA heat. So we opt for a quick trip to the auto parts store to get a wiring kit and ball (that you'd hook a trailer to) to put on the back of Cory's truck. We discussed that we need this ASAP b/c we're going to Carter's Lake on Sunday and JUST IN CASE Cory's Uncle Richard decides to lets us take the jet ski home with us again this summer...we'll be ready (last summer Cory still had the Ram Charger for pulling a trailer...but since he had to make space for my car in the garage...bye bye Ram Charger)! Ok....we have lake fever so bad!!! Last night we decided we'd wake up super early on Sunday so we could spend as much time at the lake as possible. This is getting to be a long story...wow!!! So after finding what we needed at auto part store #2, I'm not feeling a bike ride...but I am feeling some sushi! I remember we have a coupon for the local sushi restaurant (which will help my argument that sushi trumps a bike ride) and somehow talk Cory into skipping the bike ride and enjoying some sushi. Ha..but not before he installs his new purchases. So cory climbs under his truck and hooks up the wiring and installs the ball...in the still 97 degree GA heat! By this point my husband is sweaty and has a little black grease here and there...but who cares...no bike ride and sushi here I come!!!! I realize at this point some funny pics would be a great addition to my blog. Maybe next time.

That wraps up my first blog entry...not as interesting as I would have hoped...but lets look at the bright side - I've got LOTS of room for improvement!