Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How I Got 3 Pair of Glasses for $40

You read that right...3 pair of really cute prescription glasses for $40...though 3 pair for $400 would have been a deal too.

I mentioned getting these specs back in October, my apologies for not providing details sooner!

The hubs is a big Clark Howard fan, so he heard Clark talk about getting his glasses on the cheap.  Turns out they were pretty great quality too.  When the time came last year for a new pair of glasses (my college glasses weren't nearly as trendy as I thought they were circa 2001 they used to be) the hubs pointed me in the direction of Zenni Optical.  I couldn't believe it...$9.95 for frames AND lens!  AMAZING!

All you need is your written prescription so that you order them correctly. I ordered 3 pair, all at a $12.95 price or cheaper.  Shipping was really reasonable and I got my new glasses in 2 weeks.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for them to arrive on the doorstep!

Here's a few shots of the specs...

And one creepy shot for good measure....


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